Dirty Thirty Did It List

Dirty Thirty Did It List


30 is here. When it came knocking, I didn’t peep through the slit between the door and the frame to see who it was and what it wanted. I knew. I opened the door and said, “Come on in 30!” Okay, maybe I wasn’t that eager, but I was pretty kind to my new guest.

Me and Thirty got to talking when we sat down comfortably on my couch and thought about how we’d gotten here, what we were doing, and where the hell we were going. We had a good, long conversation. For the most part, everything was going alright. We were both pretty satisfied with ourselves and understood each other’s terms and purposes for the the coming year, but one thing that was clear was that I needed to get out and do more. After all of these years and all of things I’d done, Thirty pointed out that 1) “You don’t have any hobbies, so you should think about what is you like to do besides save babies and write because both of those are work, and 2) Don’t be what you always said you didn’t want to be, like those women on “What Not To Wear. Yes, you’re a mom and have a full-time job, but you still have big things to do and dreams to chase. Try to keep yourself up in the meantime. Make it work.”

And Thirty was right. Since she’s going to be around for a while so I may as well keep just enough adventure and curiosity to keep things interesting. So in the spirit of the this agreement, I came up with the Dirty Thirty Did It List. This “List” consists of all things I have either never done or things I’ve never done enough of. Life doesn’t stop at 30. Most importantly, life can stop at 30 and 1 day. This year will not be about mourning what I wasn’t able to do by the time Thirty and I got together, but to all the fun times Thirty and I will have, celebrating life for as long as I have it.

So what fun things do I have planned for this year?!!! Here we go:

1) Equestrian Are We?

Not really, but I’ve always wanted a horse, or at least learn how to ride one. Since I am a self-identified hopeless romantic, yes, I am in love with the fantasy of riding through sun-beamed trees of an angelic forest of friendly deers and humming birds to an open field where I will picnic and read the classics. (Man optional, but not required.)

2) Smell the Roses…or Peonies…or Daisies…

In college I had this desire to work in a floral shop. Random, but true. Flowers just seem so peaceful. They smell good and have so many different meanings. How you arrange them can be that nuance of emotional transference from one to another. Now that I think about it, they’re very similar to poems…


3) I’d Like to Think I Can Dance?

Maybe salsa? Definitely need to learn how to Chicago Step. I mean, I’ve had some pretty good impromptu teachers over my Chicago years, but there are still some moves I need to master. I still bring up to my mother that she never took me back to ballet and tap classes when I was 5. She claims I didn’t like my new teacher and cried every time she dropped me off for rehearsal. What 5 year old really knows what’s best for her?  Anyhoo, definitely salsa or bachata. What girl doesn’t want to be spun around the dance floor to passionate, worldly music?! Would seriously also try Flamenco.

4) More Jet Skis Please

My boyfriend and I took to Lake Michigan a few summers ago on a jet skiing Groupon at Montrose Beach. Best.Time.Ever. Beautiful blue water, waves, and speed. Gotta do it again this summer. Groupon, holla at me!

5) See Jen Run

Many awesome 5K runs came across my screen during my Living Social and Groupon scans for more than just spa treatment and restaurant deals. I’ve always enjoyed jogging and find working out as my place to escape and stay sane. In high school it was all about Track for me. For real. I don’t remember anything from high school more than I remember my Track days. I was more fielder than track, but I did do a couple of 4×4’s and 300 hurdles. Now that I’m all grown up, I’m bumping myself up to a 5K . Many of my friends have done them and I’ve dragged my feet about it for the past couple of years, but this year’s the year. Arm band and Nike+ Running app ready to go! I’m good. Let’s do this.

6) Road Trip West

I love road trips and have never taken one west. There’s no better place to try this one out than a trip to wine country? Please see current refrigerator magnet below. Who’s with me?!


7) Flying Trapeze

This is something that’s fairly new to my outing peripheral. A few of my friends have taken these classes on the north side near Belmont Harbor and loved it. It would be so cool to swing through the air. I probably need to work on my upper body strength beforehand, though. I mean, I know there’s safety nets and harnesses and all, but still…I’d like to fake myself out.

8) Swim With Dolphins

This one’s a 2-parter. Did you know you can swim with the dolphins (or whales, or maybe sharks?) at the Shedd?! Yes, yes, you can! I know, I know. It’s crazy! I’m all about it. However, I need to take Scuba diving lessons which apparently you can do at a pool at UIC. Thanks Groupon! Boom. Done.

9+10) Suggestions?!

This is the part where I’m willing to take on what you’ve got. I know you people all kinds of interesting things that I most likely have never tried. So send me some ideas. Let’s just keep in mind that I am someone’s momma.


I bet you thought my list was going to have some CRAZY stuff on it, didn’t you? Or may be you didn’t, but nonetheless I’m up for some challenges. I just want to show myself that adventure doesn’t end when your life on Earth hits a certain benchmark. Life stops when you stop breathing. My lungs and heart rate are just fine. There’s a whole world of newdom out there, Thirty. Come on. Grab your jacket and shoes. We’re going out.

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