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About This Project

(PRO)jectUS is a creative workforce development initiative and program of Chicago Public Library, Art of Culture, Inc, and Commonwealth Foundation centered around creative entrepreneurship for young people age 14-24. In 2013, it began as a one-week STEAM exploratory program called STEAM Studio at the Chicago Cultural Center in which young people engaged in rapid prototyping in fashion design, jewelry design, and photography using digital media and STEM technology in partnership with industry professionals serving as clients. Its first years of success lead to an expansion of the program into a summer-long intensive and year-round program with the addition of recording arts where young people wishing to not only hone their creative talents could also learn how to professionally present and market their work. Sir & Madame, Burberry, and Leaders 1354 have served as both clients and mentors in support of this work. Each year, the program culminates in a fashion show and marketplace which attracts an audience of over 500 people.


Learn more: http://pro-jectus.org/